StoreApps – rebranding, SEO strategy and team training

About the Client

StoreApps is a known name in WordPress and WooCommerce space. Building useful WooCommerce solutions for 10 years. And they are an official WooCommerce partner and have several plugins listed there. They also have some advanced and useful plugins like Smart Manager, Bulk Variations Manager, Affiliate for WooCommerce, etc.

“His relentless focus on “getting things done” and mentoring our team has caused the biggest long-term transformation for us. I highly recommend him, without hesitation!”

Nirav Mehta | Founder,

The Problem

Branding: StoreApps is led by a founder with a programming background. Naturally, they have awesome products. But when it comes to branding and a website that represents them for what they are, it was nowhere near close to what it should have been. Sure they implemented some good practices here and there. But it was a hodge-podge of everything and didn’t make sense together.

SEO: Upon SEO inspection, it was nice to find that they already have so much content written over the years. But no SEO practices were in place. Outdated content, many versions of thin-content sales pages, thin content blog posts, broken backlinks, and various other problems were in place.

The Solution

Working with the founder of StoreApps and their team we worked out a much improved visual design for their website, better site architecture, and SEO strategy.

Redesign, Restructuring of the pages

Starting with high-fidelity wireframes, I created several page structures for different pages that narrate the story for that particular page with a specific purpose.

Once that was defined, we moved on to make it visually pretty.

The key goal was to create web pages that ooze trust, quality and represent the company for the good quality products they provided.

Redesigned some key pages, added good practices and restructured key pages that provided better purchase and user experience.

Different pages had different goals and I made sure that the page represents the brand as best as possible. Some new pages were added such as About Us which helps the user understand the people and company behind the product they are evaluating. This generates authenticity and trust among buyers and they are more likely to do business with such a brand.

Instead of a typical feature list on a product page, the AIDA concept was implemented for sales page content. The content was better formatted and stylized for better consumption and ease of use.

SEO Strategy

Once the key pages were designed, I worked with the team and we thoroughly analyzed the site in Google Analytics, Ahrefs, and other SEO tools. And figured out we had a lot to do.

Analyzing Sitemaps I saw many duplicate pages, outdated pages, products pages that they were no longer selling, were active, blog posts, and pages with thin content, broken backlinks… the list went on.

Here’s what I did to fix the issues.

Figured broken backlinks, some were coming from high authority sites. Redirected those pages to relevant pages and URL
Defined important pages, important blog posts with rich content, and made the right site architecture.
In-depth keyword research and competition analysis. Figured out the relevant keywords with buying intent and mapped those keywords to relevant pages on the website. This took us a lot of time and lots of spreadsheets. But ultimately, it was worth it.
Once the keyword mapping was done, we optimized on-page SEO for all the key product pages and posts. And followed best SEO practices for the highest chance of getting ranked in Google.
Prepared a thorough list of articles they can publish to bring in more, relevant traffic.

Team Training

Improving key pages and having key SEO implemented was good. But to have the impact last long, I trained the in-house team on key design and SEO aspects to make sure they get the best results going forward.

The Results

Growth in revenue and growth in organic traffic.

Revenue – 27% growth
Traffic – 13% growth
Session duration – 63% growth

The StoreApps brand received a much better visual identity. A website that represented the good quality products they created and believed in.

Plus, the site is positioned for SEO much better than earlier, pruning all the thin content and duplicate pages. Right keywords aligned with right pages and implementation of other good SEO practices led to positive growth in traffic.

And most important of all, growth in revenue. This will keep earning them much more ROI on the money they spent on this project, for a long long time.

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