The quest now begins…

Over a decade ago, I wrote a post titled “The Quest Now Begins” when launching (then known as For me, and in fact for WordPress space as well it was huge at that time. With over two months of consistent work, I released a brand new website along with 25 free and paid blog themes at that time. I knew it would be successful, but little did I know it would be much more successful beyond my expectations. That project kept me occupied for over a decade. And I saw many ups and downs during that journey.

Anyway, that’s a long story.

As this evening on the launch of my personal website at, this is the first post I am writing. And I couldn’t think of a better title for this post than the one which is most memorable for me in my entrepreneurial journey.

So what this website is about? Well, this is not as big as any of my earlier launches. In fact, this is a very humble beginning of my consulting services. After the acquisition, mostly I have been on a sabbatical of helping others, one project at a time, at my own pace. As the work continue to grow, time and time again I needed a showcase of my ongoing projects. Plus I need a place to write down case studies on those projects, as mere screenshots don’t do justice to what I have been doing for clients.

This website has been in the plan for several months now. But as it happens mostly with every designer and developer, their own portfolio website always takes the back seat among other ongoing projects. Also…

“Do a case study”

is what internet friends have suggested me to do quite a few times when I share some exciting results on Twitter. With the launch of this website, I plan to publish case studies and other blog posts from time to time.

Hope it’d be valuable and helpful for everyone.

The quest now begins…